DN Venture Partners works with technology organisations that are looking to tap into the tremendous markets in Asia and Europe. We assist clients, from start-ups to MNCs, by supporting them in a range of business activities crucial to their overseas success. Our clients benefit from the team’s expertise in business development and in-depth knowledge of the technology sectors, especially the life sciences industry.

Our consulting and advisory services provide a continuum of support to organisations and individuals from planning to market. We assist in various ways including:

bullet Conduct market research and gather competitive intelligence
bullet Conduct business missions and study trips
bullet Conduct due diligence on local companies
bullet Act as interim business development management
bullet Represent their products and services
bullet Seek out potential R&D partners, suppliers, distributors and leads
bullet Assist with site selection of new operations
bullet Assist with the set up of operations
bullet Facilitate their interactions with local governments
bullet Assist in government incentive applications

Client Benefits
We have deep appreciation of various markets in Asia, including Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Our clients have leveraged upon our strengths and benefited in the following way:

Cost Savings – With our flexible and performance-oriented fee structures, we provide our clients with an attractive alternative to more expensive options such as expatriate postings or hiring permanent staff.

Dedicated Support from Experienced Consultants – As a boutique consultancy, our assignments are handled only by senior principal consultants who work closely with the clients.

High Value Added – Our hands-on approach to the execution of assignments allows our consultants to bring their years of experience and local industry know-how in various areas including business, finance and R&D to the table for the benefit of our clients.

Access to Industry Network and Resources – Through our business network, we enable clients to rapidly plug themselves into the local industry. Clients can also leverage on our business assets such as databases and key resource people in Asia and Europe to enhance their business development efforts.

DN Venture Partners endeavors to deliver specialised services that meet your stringent requirements and exceed your expectations every time. Our aim is to be your preferred partner and help your business succeed in the unique business environments in Asia and Europe!